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What women keep telling me

Many women I meet tell me that there is one area of their life that they struggle with. Sometimes it’s their weight; sometimes their financial situation; sometimes their relationships. Generally they are happy, but if this one area were improved, they would feel so much happier.

What I learned

I felt the same way about many areas of my life! I wasn’t happy with my weight. Or my relationships with men. And I was struggling with parenting my four sons. But I knew I had a passion for learning and for helping women. For over 20 years, I went on a journey of helping others and self-discovery. I learned from the best self-help gurus and authors. I helped myself. And now I help others.

I developed a 7-Step Program to Happiness and Abundance through Self-Awareness.

What I know

Through self-awareness and my 7-Step Program, you will experience more happiness and abundance in your life – all areas of your life. And because I do it through self-awareness and self-love, the results will be life changing and permanent.

What I can do for you


I work one-on-one (in person, on the phone, or over Skype) or with groups to help women understand themselves and the root of the challenges they are having in their life. Whether it’s their weight, career, financial concerns, relationship or parenting – I believe that all of life’s challenges can be understood and improved through self-awareness and my 7 steps to happiness and abundance.

I offer three- and six-month packages for one-on-one coaching that start with a free initial session, as well as customized packages.

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I have spoken to many groups around the world about topics that are at the core of my 7 step program and are foundational to happiness in all areas of our lives. These topics include


  • Self-Awareness
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Sabotaging Habits/Blockages
  • Identifying Core values
  • Finding your purpose or passion
  • Relationship love styles


  • Understanding your employees Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Awareness of Your management style
  • Awareness of different Communication styles
  • Identifying staff moral triggers through self awareness techniques
  • Increasing productivity by identifying employee core values

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