Many women I meet tell me that there is one area of their life that they struggle with. Sometimes it’s their weight; sometimes their financial situation; sometimes their relationship. Generally they are happy, but it’s just this one area that, if it was improved, they would feel happier than they have ever been.

My life coaching gets to the core of these problems. While these challenges may seem very different, I believe that the root cause is always the same. Once we become self-aware and increase our self-love, then we can work towards meaningful long-lasting change in our lives.

Working one-on-one with me, I will meet you wherever you are, via Skype or phone (or in person if you live in the Sydney, Australia area), and help you to become more self-aware through my 7-Step Program.

Everyone is different and every budget is different – so I can customize a payment plan that suits your needs and your budget.

Benefits of working with me:

  • Learn your self-sabotaging habits
  • Learn to be more present-conscious-self-aware
  • Learn to be grateful for what you have
  • Learn to listen to get out of your head and into your heart
  • Discover tools, strategies, and techniques that will help you understand yourself and others
  • Learn to take control of every aspect of your life
  • Discover the simple strategies to improve your self-love, self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem
  • Uncover your purpose, and your passion
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses and how to utilise it to your benefit
  • Discover you core values and how they help you to live your life on purpose
  • Learn your limiting belief systems
  • Discover what your body language is saying about you
  • Learn what blockages are limiting your happiness and abundance and how to change them
  • Discover what daily rituals are either helping you or hindering you
  • Discover how when you change one area of your life it improves every area of your life
  • Uncover yours and other people’s love tank


I have several pre-packaged options that I find useful, especially when you’re first starting to work with me.

All clients and potential clients receive one free session. This is to talk about what you are looking for and to discuss what I offer so that we both can make sure that it’s a good fit. After this initial coaching session, you may decide to purchase one of the following packages.

Six week package:

  • 6 weekly sessions from 45-90 min.
  • Access to my 7-Step Program to Happiness and Abundance through Self-Awareness
  • Exercise sheets
  • Customized reading list
  • Customized questionnaires and surveys


Three-month package:

  • 12 weekly sessions
  • Access to my 7-Step Program to Happiness and Abundance through Self-Awareness
  • Exercise sheets
  • Customized reading list
  • Customized questionnaires and surveys
  • free ticket to next seminar


Individual Sessions

Can do one off sessions


Note: Clients who continue sessions after either package is complete will receive additional sessions at a discounted price.

Couples Coaching

Three-Month Package

  • 12 weekly sessions
  • Exercise sheets
  • Customized reading list
  • Customized questionnaires and surveys



Group Coaching Sessions

Group sessions and packages are available for three or more people.

  • Individual coaching sessions with each member of the group available
  • Longer sessions as needed (Groups may need 2 to 5 hours)
  • Sessions could be in someone’s home, over Skype or Google Hangout or in a corporate setting
  • Group packages are customized to fit the needs of your specific group.



If living within Australia, payments can be made through Direct Credit.

If paying from outside of Australia, payments can be made through PayPal and credit card.

100% Money Back Guarantee within the first month if you don’t believe it has helped you in any way.


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