I loved Lyn’s personal experiences as I can relate to them. Also loved her positivity and motivation.

Loved Lyn’s honesty and knowledge about the presentation.

Lyn’s talk was full of information I needed to hear. It was given in a way anyone could relate to. It was very well done.

Loved everything about Lyn’s presentation. I even had an epiphany.

Loved Lyn’s presentation and it opened my mind. Made me want to make a plan. Loved everything.

March 2014

Lyn is REAL. What you see is what you get.


Lyn’s talk was interactive and engaged the audience. Lyn was brilliant. Thank you Lyn!


Having a friend like Lyn Elliott as a coach has really helped me overcome the niceness of being an Earth Angel. Thanks Lyn!


Recently I attended a "Sleeping" seminar at the local neighbourhood centre by Lyn Elliott and OMG it was so rewarding and inspiring, and a revelation to help with my sleeping patterns.

I showed the information to my Dr and he was very impressed with it. So much so that he showed it to his practising interns and put it up on his wall for patients and others to see.

I attended Lyn’s workshop “Sleeping Your Way to Better Health"

I found the workshop to be most beneficial with regards to points which are helpful to sleeping patterns and stress.

Lyn delivered the workshop in a professional and helpful way with personal guidelines and recommendations.

Check this out – an 85-year-old great grandmother loses 20 kg and is still losing!

My name is Megan, I met Lyn at an Inspiring Women luncheon, I have been using her services since June 2013 and I would like to explain to you how she has helped me.

Before I met Lyn...

I was feeling depressed, I felt that my life was in a downwards spiral. I was feeling very negative. At the time I didn’t understand how unhappy I was. I could identify the problems and issues in my life but I did not know how to deal with them or change them. I knew that these feelings would only get worse if I didn’t do something about them. I feared that these issues would take over and ruin my life and my relationships.

When I met Lyn...

She told me she could help me, she said I could get results faster than therapy.  She said that by understanding and learning about myself, that I could then understand others and that this would change my life.

While working with Lyn...

  • I have identified my core values and how this impacts the way I live my life.
  • I have identified personality traits that are my own.
  • I have identified both positive and negative areas of my personality and how to balance them.
  • I have learnt and practiced new ways to resolve conflict, both within myself, and others.
  • I have learnt how to deal with my emotions so that they no longer impact my decision making.

What I have achieved with Lyn’s help...

I am so much happier. All my relationships have improved. I feel so much more confident and comfortable with myself; through using techniques Lyn has taught me. I have been able to achieve changes in my behaviour and my world is slowly changing around me for the good. Seeing Lyn weekly means I have homework every week, and that I improve every week.  The work is not always easy, but it is ALWAYS beneficial. I am so grateful for Lyn’s help. She has delivered EVERYTHING she said she would.

Lyn has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of well being. Whether the issue is  weight, personal relationships, parenting or a financial block, Lyn can offer practical advice and solutions to have you moving in the right directions and finding relief and well being again.

She has personally assisted me with confidence building, has helped with inner work around relationships and has also given guidance and education in the area of public speaking.

I would highly recommend you consult with Lyn if you are looking for solutions in any area of your life as she will not only provide answers and practical steps to take, but will also intuitively guide you to where your blocks may be and how to resolve that.

Strategic Business Apps http://strategicbusinessapps.com

I first met Lyn 2-3 years ago at a Board of Trade meeting in the Toronto GTA. She immediately impressed me with her boundless energy and inquisitive nature, her superior social skills and her gregariousness.

We exchanged cards and I received an immediate follow up and felt that I could trust this person with a referral to a very useful contact. Lyn followed up and pursued the lead in a professional, assertive way which further impressed me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to refer her again.

Lyn is truly an expert in her field. I have had the privilege of picking her brains about understanding the dynamics and relationships parents have with children based on their personality type, birth order and language pattern.

Her knowledge not only comes first hand from being a parent to four boys, she also backs it up with studies and knowledge from experts in the field. I would not hesitate to recommend her as the "go-to" person for parenting advice.

Lyn is such an enthusiastic, perfectly organized and experienced woman. It was so much fun and inspiring working with her – Thank you Lyn!

Lyn is truly an expert in her field. I could really see the passion in what she offers, as she has had the experience in the trenches and hands on experience.

Lyn is a woman of integrity and someone you can count on. I’ve worked with Lyn on several occasions and she is a pleasure.

Internet Marketer at Vital Health Today

I recently attended one of Lyn Elliott's workshops and can honestly say that her work is transformational. Lyn was one of several speakers at a conference I attended, but the only one who created a buzz afterwards. Several of us who attended her workshop were fascinated and got together afterwards to discuss how she impacted each one of us. Lyn is a true gem and I highly recommend her transformational work.

Personal Development Coach, CH, RMT

I am so thankful that I met Lyn Elliot ... as Lyn says there is no such thing as coincidences ... I felt such an immediate connection and was intrigued to learn more about changing my life for the better.

In one short month, I have noticed such a difference in my thought pattern and my awareness ... and it is only one month. I look forward to the months to come on my life's journey.

I would highly recommend her services.

August 2014

"Lyn is an amazing coach. I would highly recommend her. She always had a way of allowing my spirits and energy to be lifted after working with her. Lyn facilitated a journey of self-awareness where I was able to be inspired and gain re-assurance that I am capable of achieving whatever I set my mind to and I am worthy of whatever my heart desires."

Lauren King


Life Above Zero

October 2015


As a coach Lyn's spirit of enthusiasm and encouragement instils confidence in you knowing your best way forward. Lyn brings a wonderful sense of warmth and a genuine desire for you to achieve that which you set your heart on. Lyn is highly skilled, positive and has diverse life experiences that enrich her connectedness to people. For this reason I unreservedly recommend Lyn as a coach to you.



October 2015

When I first began working with Lyn, my life seemed overwhelming. Every little task seemed unconquerable. But during our sessions, I learned to take every day, every moment, minute by minute. I learned that the challenges in my life are not my whole life and that by working on me for me, I can fulfill my own life and I can take control of my own happiness. I will be forever grateful for the guidance Lyn has given me!



November 2014

Feeling positive and empowered today. Have been wanting to do a Dyslexia Presentation for a while so today was the day I drove around to find the right venue. Found one ✅
Next was the cost $100 all up, not a fortune but enough when you're just building your business up, and who popped into my head Lyn Elliott! Like she said it's not about the money its what I want and need to do to grow my business. I was determined today and I achieved what I set out to do...Go Me!



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  1. Congratulations on your great website. Your passion and enthusiasm for helping people grow and learn is unbounded much like your warm caring personality. People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Lyn is a keeper for life. Way to go! Keep dancing ;D

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