The Secret to Improving Your Outer World

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Your world is a reflection of what’s going on inside.


When things are not going well in your life such as problems with your career, relationships, your finances, family, or even your health, think about how you are feeling within? Are you feeling sad or depressed, angry and resentful, tired and overwhelmed, jealous and  insecure, or lonely and unloved?


Whatever you are feeling within will give off an energy and vibration that creates your outer world. There is research to show that when you are thinking negative, that creates negative results in your outer world. When you think positive, that creates positives results in your outer world.


Do you think that when things start to go well with your outer world such as finding a new job you enjoy, or when your relationship improves, or when you lose those few extra pounds, that you will feel better and be happier?


The opposite is actually more to the truth. You must first take care of your inner world and then that will change your outer world.


So many people spend hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars, on buying that new car, or going on a holiday, or buying a new house, to make them feel better. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary fix and within a very short period of time you will feel the same as you did before, maybe even worse because you have spent all that money.


You may be asking “well what can I do to improve my inner world then?”


Research shows the longer you hold off on doing something, especially something new, the less likely you are to do it. So here are three things you can do NOW, yes right now:

  1. Write down three things you are grateful for today.
  2. Write down three things you love about yourself.
  3. Jump up and down, or put on some music and jump around to that (the quickest and easiest way to change our state of mind is change our physical state)


This is some of the quick and easy little changes that I teach my coaching clients that make a BIG difference when done daily.


Now I have a challenge for you.


First of all, if you did all three things listed above then congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back. This means you are serious about making some changes in your life.


If you didn’t do it, just keep doing what you are doing and you will continue to get the same results. The same thinking that got you to where you are now will not be the same thinking that gets you to where you want to go.


To change your life you need to change your thinking.


The challenge is to do those three exercises above every day for the next thirty days. Yes 30 days. Then contact me and let me know how you feel? Let me know what has changed in your life?


I look forward to hearing from you.


Take care

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