The No. 1 Secret to Happiness

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There are so many books on happiness that you are probably thinking “why is your secret to happiness different to other people’s secrets to happiness?”The No. 1 Secret to happiness (2)

Well, that is a very good question. I have read many books on happiness and all of them do help to some degree, however, I believe that getting the right foundation is crucial before building on that foundation. I have spent nearly 30 years of learning and growing, following the best in the industry of self-development, implementing what I have learned.

The Secret isSelf-Awareness. Being self-aware is the foundation. Like a house, if the foundation isn’t strong, when some bad weather comes, the house will fall down or get damaged. So building a strong foundation is crucial to lasting change, lasting happiness and permanent results.


What is Self-Awareness?

Self-Awareness is the ability to look within. To listen to our inner voice.  To understand our beliefs, thoughts, feelings.  To know the core self.  To know what we say and do and why.  To understand how the past has played a part in our present. To understand our habits and patterns.


I’ve done all the research – so you can benefit from what I’ve learned. I will strip out all the white noise of self-development speak and get right down to the root of the problem. I am your road map to Happiness and Abundance.

I used all the teachings and tools in my own life and developed my 7-step program to Happiness and abundance.


The Foundation – Self-Awareness

This first step of my 7-step program is all about self-awareness.

Self-awareness is so important because it is only through self-awareness that you can change your thinking and ultimately change your life.


Now you may be thinking, “I am already aware of the things I am not happy with, what to change, and how to change them”.

Well, I used to think like that myself until I did some exercises, like the questionnaire below, which showed the REAL truth.  I realised I was only kidding myself because your life tells the REAL story.

If you are thinking this then let’s put it to the test.

Below is a self-awareness questionnaire that, if you answer honestly, will tell you how self-aware you REALLY are.

Are you game enough to see the truth? Are you game enough to be honest with  yourself? Are you game enough to see just how much you are sabotaging yourself and you don’t even know it?

Self-Awareness Questionnaire

Complete these sentences with the first thing that comes to your head. Do NOT over think it. Let the answers come from your heart not your head.  When we start to think too much about the answers then it comes from the head, which will often be a different answer then when it’s coming from the heart.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Each answer is unique to YOU.

Note – the Yes or No Questions are designed to help highlight any areas of your life where there are gaps (where you are now vs. where you want to be).  Also to show you that any negative emotion is due to you not being true to your core self.


Section A: How do you treat yourself? How do you feel about yourself?

I would be more loveable if ____________________________________________

When I achieve a goal I set myself I ______________________________________

To pamper myself I___________________________________________________

My best quality is ____________________________________________________

The one thing I would change about me is ________________________________

I regret ____________________________________________________________

When I am alone I ___________________________________________________

I hate myself when ___________________________________________________

Consider Your Responses Above (Yes or No)

Do you self-sabotage things or have negative thoughts about yourself or others?

Do you take time out for you and have fun in your life?

Consider Your Self-Awareness

Did anything you say surprise you? _____________________________________

Did you write anything negative about yourself? ___________________________


Section B: Are you living your purpose or your passion?

I am happiest when __________________________________________________

My biggest passion is ________________________________________________

I wish_____________________________________________________________

I believe __________________________________________________________

My biggest dream is to ______________________________________________

My life really changed when __________________________________________

 Consider Your Responses Above (Yes or No)

Do you know what your purpose or passion is and are you living it?

Do you get excited every day to be doing what you are doing?

Do you know what your special gifts and strengths are?

 Consider Your Self-Awareness

Did anything in your answers surprise you? _______________________________

Is there anything you wrote that you haven’t told anyone or said out loud? ___________________________________________________________________

How often do you do the things that make you happiest? ___________________________________________________________________

Do you do the thing that you’re most passionate about or dream about? ___________________________________________________________________

How much are your wishes, beliefs and passions in line with your career? ___________________________________________________________________


Section C: Are you unhappy with certain parts of your life?

I would give anything if my partner would ___________________________________________________________________

Sometimes I wish ____________________________________________________

I feel the most lonely when ____________________________________________

My biggest problem at the moment is ___________________________________

The one thing I would change about my life is _____________________________

If only _____________________________________________________________

I hate it when _______________________________________________________

 Consider Your Responses Above (Yes or No)

Do you feel overwhelmed at times? Burnt out? Angry? Frustrated? Resentful? Exhausted? Jealous? Insecure? Unhappy? Depressed? Lonely?

Do you ever feel like you are drowning with the weight of things?

 Consider Your Self-Awareness

Did anything in your answers surprise you? _______________________________

Did you write something that you feel guilty or ashamed about? ___________________________________________________________________

Were there issues or concerns in specific areas in your life or relationships that came up? __________________________________________________________



Section D: Have past events hindered your happiness and success?

One thing I would change about my childhood _____________________________

When I was a child ___________________________________________________

Friends ____________________________________________________________

Other people think ___________________________________________________

The men in my life ___________________________________________________

The women in my life _________________________________________________

Consider Your Responses Above (Yes or No)

Do you ever feel that no matter what you do, you can’t seem move forward?

Do you feel like your dreams are long gone and you are just existing?

Do you feel that you keep making the same mistakes?

Consider Your Self-Awareness

Did anything surprise you? ____________________________________________

Were there things from your past that you think could be affecting your happiness now? ____________________________________________________ _


Final Self-Awareness Assessment

How do you feel after doing this exercise?   _______________________________


Did anything surprise you and did it highlight anything you want to change?



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