The Body is only a reflection of the Mind

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What is your body looking like?

The Body is only a reflection of the MInd

Are you happy with your health?



Many people are unhappy with their health or body and don’t know where to start. It becomes so overwhelming that they often procrastinate and do nothing, or, lose the weight and put it all on again.


Many of us know that we should eat healthier and exercise more so why are we not doing it?


We have more information than ever on how to lose weight and get healthier yet we are getting more unhealthy every day.

I know because I used to be one of those people. I was a “yo yo” dieter for many years until I mastered my mindset. I was trying to lose the weight by concentrating on my body rather than my mind. When I changed the way I thought my weight literally fell off. I went from 86kg ( 189 oz ) to 66kg ( 145 oz).


How the wrong mindset can affect your body.

By mindset I mean the way we think. We look at everything negatively and always have negative thoughts. We don’t learn from our mistakes and our setbacks, therefore, we tend to make the same mistakes.

When we have the wrong mindset we:

  • struggle to pick ourselves back up when we fall
  • we stay down longer
  • we don’t like change
  • we cannot see the positive side of things
  • we are more emotional
  • we have a victim mentality
  • we attract what we don’t want
  • we constantly have health issues
  • we yo yo diet
  • we are not self-aware of our mistakes

Benefits to changing your mindset

When you change your mindset miracles start to happen such as:

  • you look at things more positively
  • good things start to happen
  • you feel better
  • you want to get out and exercise
  • you learn to make better choices and decisions
  • you are happier
  • you start to lose weight without even trying
  • you may even be able to decrease your medications(check with a Dr first)
  • you look younger
  • you have more energy

Let me give you an example:

I had an elderly  client that was very overweight, had many health issues and couldn’t seem to lose her weight. She had lost weight before but always put it back on. Plus she was on a lot of medications which was compounding her weight issues.

Together we worked on her mindset and what was sabotaging her weight loss and stopping her from keeping it off permanently. Through my 7 step coaching program we discovered that she had low self-esteem and self-love which was causing her to overeat.

As we worked through her low self-esteem and self-love issues the weight started to drop off without her even trying. All this happened while she was still on the medications and couldn’t exercise.


How to change your mindset

You cannot change what you are not aware of so the first step to improving your health is being aware of the mistakes you are making. To be more self-aware start journaling your daily activities such as when you have negative thoughts, when you speak negatively, what you are putting in your mouth and how you feel at the time (are you feeling sad, depressed, bored, tired, emotional etc).


Do the above for one week and you will start to see a pattern. You may find that the worst time for you is late at night when you sit down to watch TV, or maybe when you are at work and people bring cakes and pastries, or maybe when you are lonely sitting at home on your own.


Then contact me for a free 30 min. consultation to discuss the results.

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