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Well it’s been a tough few weeks. This journey to spiritual enlightenment and raised consciousness isn’t always easy. I am currently writing this at 3am because I have been guided by my soul to do it. After so much emotional and mental work listening, reading, meditating, and thinking, my mind, body, and soul crashed and burned.Are you on the journey of Spiritual Enlightenment_

It has taken some time, but – I now embrace these challenges because I know I will be stronger, better, wiser, and more conscious on the other side. It has gotten easier since I eliminated the resistance and started to go with the flow – resistance creates negative energy and emotions. The 7 step program I developed helped me to do that. It helped me to become more self-aware and conscious.

For some, it’s too much to handle. Not everyone chooses this path. Everyone has the opportunity to change, grow, become enlightened, and become more present, but some are just not ready, and that’s ok. We are all where we are meant to be. There are lessons in where you are at the moment. We all have our own journey. However, if you have chosen this path, then I promise you the rewards are worth it. The feeling of peace, happiness, and joy is priceless.


Life lessons along the way

There have been so many lessons on this journey so far and I know there will continue to be lessons until I die. Embrace those lessons. Live what you learn, so that you can then light the path for others.

Like a chicken hatching, – it takes work to break through that hard shell – to reveal the inner soul – the heart of who you are – to be vulnerable – to admit mistakes – to get rid of the ego, to just be love, and to release all the negative emotions that comes up.

That’s why I went on a nine month spiritual journey around the world – to connect with my inner soul, to find others like me, to grow, to learn, to trust myself, to have faith, to rely on others for help, to trust others, to know that everything will be ok, to follow my knowing and trusting that I would be put in front of the right people and places.

For me, it was, and still is, about Being. Being the example. Living what you teach.

Some of you reading this may come from a corporate background, or a traditional way of thinking like I did. It may be a 180 degree shift of thinking for you, like it was for me. However, go with your soul. Go with what feels right for you. In my life coaching I help people get through that transition. It is so much easier when you have a coach or mentor by your side. Someone who understands what you are going through. Someone who is in your corner helping you.

I have always had a mentor or coach. They give you a different perspective on things that you cannot see, they will challenge your limiting belief systems that are not serving you, they will give you the accountability that you need if you are serious about growing, they help you bring the answers out that you already have within you, they encourage and support you, and they see things inside of you that you don’t see. They are priceless.


A deeper level

Just when I thought I had dealt with a particular issue in my life, it comes up again,-  only this time at a deeper level. Another layer. Have you experienced this on your journey to enlightenment and consciousness?

Let me give you an example

I had  issues of abandonment that I felt from my father suiciding when I was 11 years old. This plagued me for over 30 years, until I was conscious enough to realise that this was a major problem in my relationships with men. I worked through it by using my 7 step program and other programs. I now feel much more in control emotionally and now recognise when I need to step back and assess the situation without the emotional roller coaster. However, each relationship is different and occasionally I will feel myself being triggered by something much deeper than what use to trigger my emotions. The positive is that I recognise it, I can step back and assess the situation, without the emotional conflict, and logically use strategies to deal with the emotions.


Because I took responsibility for how I was feeling, and not blaming my partner, it was easy to use the tools I have to work through the emotions. It takes courage to look at yourself in the mirror, warts and all, and admit that everything that has happened to you is because of you, that you brought it about either consciously or unconsciously, all the positives and the negatives – all the good and the bad.  That’s a hard pill to swallow. But it is so freeing. It is like a weight being lifted off your shoulders when you release all that baggage and negativity.

It can be confronting looking at someone that has come into your life and seeing that they are a mirror of where you are at that point in time. That they are here to show you lessons about yourself that you need to change and grow.


All relationships help us to look at old patterns and thinking that are limiting our happiness and success.

Let me give you an example

A client I was coaching was having problems with a friend and she was continually focusing on what her friend was doing or not doing and how it made her feel undermined and unloved.  By working through my 7 step program with her and getting her to change her focus, she came to understand that:

  • no one can make her feel that way,
  • that whatever negative emotions were being triggered by her friend had nothing to do with her friend and everything to do with what was happening within herself, that she needed to
  • focus on herself rather than her friend.

This helped her to change her thinking and in turn get to the core of what was going on for her, to cut through the layers and get to the the real issue.

Now she looks at her friendship in a totally different light and accepts whatever is happening without getting caught up in the emotional negativity.


Leaving loved ones behind

That brings me to another area that has been interesting over the years, to leave loved ones behind that are not ready to come out of the darkness into the light. By that I mean, if you have a partner and as you become more enlightened you can work through each of your issues together, then that is fantastic and worth working on, however, if you are ready to grow and he or she isn’t, then it may be difficult long term to stay in that relationship. Only you will know what feels right.

Let me give you an example

When I started this journey, I was a young mother of four beautiful boys and in a long-term marriage. As I became more conscious, more present, more self-aware, – and more spiritually aware, it became more and more difficult to be with my husband as we were no longer on the same path and speaking the same language. He is a wonderful man; however, he was just not ready to follow me on this journey. Once you become more enlightened, you cannot go back to the old ways or, the old way of thinking. So we parted and I continue this journey on my own.

So if you are on your own and on this journey, don’t despair. The right person will come into your life when the time is right. You must first be the person you want to attract. Just keep working on you. Be the best person that you can be.



Whether you are well on your journey to spiritual enlightenment, just getting started, or just thinking about taking the first step, you are not alone.

At times I felt all alone and that I couldn’t relate to or understand the thinking of the masses. I find everyday superficial things boring, tedious, meaningless, – and a waste of time. I would rather be having deeper meaningful conversations that makes a difference and changes lives.

So, when I find others that are on this journey to help raise their own consciousness or that of others, it is all worth it. I no longer feel alone. I no longer feel isolated. It makes it easier to get through the tough times to know others are out there going through exactly the same thing – or something similar.

I’m writing this article so that you will know that you are not alone. There are more and more of us choosing this path of enlightenment every day. My purpose is to help you like others have helped me.


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