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Being spiritual increases your inner happiness and peace leading to a stress free life.
Being a spiritual person isn’t about what religion you are, it’s about the level of consciousness you are able to attain.
How conscious are you?
The treadmill of life
For many years I lived my life in the “rat race” running around doing all the things that society conditions you to do like getting a good education, having a good job, getting married, having children, buying a house and having a mortgage, buying a new car, and then spend the rest of my life paying off debts and buying material things that I don’t need.
The start of my spiritual awakening
Years later I started having “nagging” feelings in the pit of my stomach that something wasn’t right. I wasn’t happy but I didn’t know why.
For years I ignored that little voice and kept on the treadmill of life trying to keep my head above water. I didn’t realise at the time it was my intuition trying to talk to me and wake me up.
Eventually I couldn’t ignore that little voice any more and slowly I started to listen more and awaken. I started seeking guidance from people that seemed to have it all- happiness, abundance, peace, and were helping others. This led me down the path of personal development where my eyes were opened to a World where life can be wonderful, amazing, exciting, abundant, peaceful, happy, stress free, and full of love.
Benefits of being Spiritual
Being more spiritual helped me to become more conscious and self-aware of what parts of my life were working and what wasn’t. I started to see what habits and behaviours that weren’t serving me and what I needed to change.
I realised what beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions had been holding me back from the happiness and abundance I wanted. This helped me to find an inner peace, love, and happiness that I had never known before.
Being self-aware is the first step on the journey of change.
How to become more spiritual
There are many things that you can do to start you on the journey of spirituality such as:
  • meditation
  • visualisation
  • sitting in silence
  • journaling
  • gratitude
  • writing
  • listening to your thoughts and words
  • being positive
  • focusing on what’s going right in your life
  • associating with other spiritual people
  • having a coach or mentor


One thing you can do right now

All of the above may seem a little daunting to start doing, especially if you haven’t done any of it before, so just start with one thing. Pick one thing on the list that would be easiest for you to start and take time out, often first thing in the morning is the easiest, and do it EVERY day. Yes, EVERY day. Our life is full of habits, and those habits can be changed. Start with 10-15 min. and increase it when you can. I recommend this to all my coaching clients because it’s the little things we do daily that add up to the big things.


Then after 30 days, pick one more thing on the list and add that to your morning ritual. Slowly you will start to notice an increase in your awareness of things around you. If you want to increase your awareness more quickly, download my free e-book at www.superwomanvsrealwoman.com and do the exercises in the book.

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