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Do you take time out for fun and laughter in your life?


How laughter affects the body

There are many studies done on how laughing affects a person and what it does to the brain. I won’t go into a lot of details about how that happens, however, to simplify it:

When a person laughs it releases dopamine to the “reward” part of the brain. Dopamine is a stimulant so it boosts brain function.


Benefits to the body

When dopamine is released into the body the following happens:

  • It helps you to see the bigger picture and not get caught up in the smaller details
  • Increases creativity and ideas
  • Increases emotional intelligence
  • Increases positivity
  • Increases attractiveness of men and women to a potential mate
  • Decreases stress
  • Decreases mood swings

Let me give you an example:

I coached a client that was struggling with depression and had been to many other professionals but still didn’t feel happy with her life, herself, her relationships, and work.

After getting to know her better we incorporated just one thing every day that made her smile. Then we added in activities that made her laugh. From the laughter and “happy” habits that she had set up, her happiness increased dramatically and her whole mindset changed around her life. She is now able to look at everything in a positive light and deal with any challenges that come her way.


Strategies to increase your laughter

Ok, so you now know why laughing is good for you. Let me give you some of the ideas I suggest to my clients on how they can get more laughter in their daily lives:

  • dance in the rain or while going for a walk
  • making someone else laugh makes you laugh
  • watch a child or animal playing
  • watch a funny video
  • listen to jokes or tell them yourself
  • do something that you think is silly e.g. climbing children’s playground equipment or jump in a puddle
  • play around in the bedroom with your partner or have a pillow fight



As you can see from above, laughter is the best medicine. But sometimes the hard part is knowing how to incorporate more laughter into your life.

Often we are so bogged down with our daily routine that we struggle to change our thinking about ways to change things in our lives. That’s when a mentor or coach can help. They can help you think “outside the square” and open your mind to possibilities. Possibilities of how you can improve your happiness.

Contact me to see if we are a good fit.

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