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Do you want to be Happier?

Do you realise that Happiness is a Habit?

Just like being positive or negative is a HABIT, so is being happy, sad, or even depressed.


We ALL have daily habits that keep us in that state of happiness or sadness. You may not realise it because you are not self-aware enough to see it, however, lets look at some statistics:

  • About 80% of our life is habitual- in other words, we do things subconsciously/unconsciously without thinking about it and it becomes a habit. Let me give you an example, when you go to work do you take the same route, stop at the same petrol station, park in the same area, get coffee at the same place before work, have lunch at the same café/restaurant?
  • You have around 35-50 thoughts per minute running around in your head. Let me give you an example,  have you ever tried to meditate but found that you couldn’t keep your mind still or quiet long enough to get that peak state of emptiness?
  • About 95% of those thoughts are negative. Let me give  you an example, how often have you become negative when things don’t go your way or work out the way you expected them to?


This may sound like depressing statistics, however, I choose to see it as EXCITING statistics. Once you become more self-aware of your habits, then you have more control to change those habits that are not helping you. That’s when you can replace your old negative habits with positive happy habits. YOU have control. How EXCITING is that?


How you start your day determines how your whole day will go, how you handle any obstacles that happen throughout the day, what your mindset will be like, and how successful you will be.


9 things to do for your morning ritual that will make you happier, more productive. Think of these as your Morning Happiness Rituals:

  • Habits- HAPPINESS is a HABIT, habits not helping you
  • Affirmations
  • Positive- reading, videos, podcasts, music
  • Positive- thoughts, gratitude
  • Inner work- meditation, visualisation
  • Notes- journaling
  • Exercise
  • Self-care- what makes you happy
  • Self-love- mirror work


When coaching clients I always walk them through these morning rituals, which when mastered, changes their life. You may think it will take a lot of time to do these 9 rituals, however, if you start with 5-10 min. on each ritual and slowly build up the time frame you won’t need to wake up hours earlier just to get it done. As you start to get amazing results and feel fantastic you will want to spend more and more time on them. The key is to do it every day.


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